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Practice interview, team working, report writing and presentation skills that make you stand out.

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A common student or graduate interview assesses

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Strength bases interview is becoming more and more common, especially in the student and graduate recruitment. In this type of interview, you will need to showcase your strength or what you are really good at by providing your answers based on scenarios presented to you.



A competency-based interview often looks at whether you have particular skills required for a job by asking questions like "Give me an example of a time ...". It focuses more on what you can do rather than what you are good at.


Motivation & Business Awareness

In almost every interview, you will be asked about your motivation for applying and your understanding of the business and the role you are applying for. Without adequate research and practice, you may struggle to demonstrate your passion.

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A typical assessment centre include

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Group Discussion

In group discussions, you will be given a topic or a case study and discuss your ideas and thought with others. Group discussion exercises mainly assess how you work, collaborate and communicate with others.


Report Writing

In the report writing task, you will need to read and comprehend the reading material provided and produce a 500-1000 words business-style report within a time limit. A well-written report often needs practice.

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Based on the report you wrote or the case study you discussed, you may need to do a presentation one-on-one or in a group. You will usually be assessed on how you communicate, collaborate and influence.


Interviews are not difficult. It is just that you are not prepared enough or prepared right.

But don't worry!

Assessment Centre

Not everyone has been lucky to study a course that gives plenty of group work and presentation experience.

But don't worry!


Make the most out of our career advice and application tips that help your job application.

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“I heard a friend used My Assessment Day for interview preparation, so I thought I would give it a go. My experience was good, so I also signed up for the assessment centre training. I am really happy that they helped me land a job at PwC”

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